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Kunsthal KAdE offers exhibitions in the field of contemporary/modern art, architecture, design and contemporary visual culture.


Sep 10, 2022 to Jan 08, 2023

Brick, we see it every day. An ancient building material that occurs frequently in our environment for both the construction of walls and paving. The exhibition BAKSTEEN pays tribute to this material with work by more than fifty artists, architects and designers from the Netherlands and abroad. In new and existing work they show the beauty and expressiveness of fired stone. BAKSTEEN can be seen from 10 September in Kunsthal KAdE, the Elleboogkerk and via a tour of Amersfoort with new folly's and existing buildings.

Past: Natasja Kensmil & Sadik Kwaish Alfraji

Sep 25, 2021 to Dec 19, 2021

This autumn Kunsthal KAdE presents first ever retrospectives of artists Natasja Kensmil and Sadik Kwaish Alfraji.

Past: Mirror | Mirror. Reflect Yourself!

Jun 05, 2021 to Aug 29, 2021

Mirror | Mirror is designed to make visitors marvel at the diverse nature of the phenomenon of reflection. We face ourselves in the mirror every day. We constantly mirror our identity on social media. Our need for reflection (and self-reflection) is greater today than ever before. This exhibition invites visitors to explore the phenomenon in art history, in stories and in science. It includes work by around thirty Dutch and foreign artists and designers, all in some way interested in mirrors

Past: This Is America | Art USA Today

Sep 26, 2020 to Dec 13, 2020

On 3 November, Americans went to the polls to elect their new president: either Donald Trump or Joe Biden. A pivotal moment in a politically and socially divided country. Kunsthal KAdE has set out to discover what position artists are adopting in these charged times.

Past: Tell Me Your Story

Feb 08, 2020 to Aug 30, 2020

For the first time in Europe: 100 years of African American art based on storytelling. From February 8, visitors can explore the visual richness of black culture in Kunsthal KAdE through the works of 50 African American artists. Around 140 works - mainly on loan from the United States - will be exhibited in Amersfoort. Most of the participating artists have never been exhibited in the Netherlands before. Meet the figureheads of African American art and learn about their unique stories.

Past: One Way Ticket to Mars

Sep 21, 2019 to Jan 12, 2020

One Way Ticket to Mars offers visitors a direct experience of various aspects of the journey to and living on Mars. How relentless are the conditions of this planet to be discovered? Is living on Mars a frightening idea or a provocative thought?

Past: Videoland - 10 years of Kunsthal KAdE

May 25, 2019 to Sep 01, 2019

This summer, Kunsthal KAdE celebrates its tenth anniversary. For this year’s summer exhibition, Videoland, Kunsthal KAdE has selected 11 films that in some way balance the experience of a specific moment with a sense of eternity.


Experience it in the Studio of Kunsthal KAdE!

Past: MAESTRO VAN WITTEL - Dutch master of the Italian cityscape

Jan 26, 2019 to May 05, 2019

Caspar van Wittel (1653-1736) was born in Amersfoort, left around 1673 for Italy, earned a good reputation for himself there and never returned to the Netherlands. Today, the vast majority of his works are in collections in Italy, England and Spain. With the exhibition 'MAESTRO VAN WITTEL – Dutch master of the Italian cityscape', Museum Flehite and Kunsthal KAdE honour this master, who is virtually unknown in the Netherlands, with a major retrospective.


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Past: A Balancing Act

Sep 15, 2018 to Jan 06, 2019

A Balancing Act will showcase the work of a number of Dutch and international artists who explore the quest for equilibrium in sculptures, installations, photographs, paintings, performances, drawings and video works.

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