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Children's curriculum series Brick


Kunsthal KAdE will host the exhibition BAKSTEEN starting in September. In three lectures, children will discover everything about brick together with experts!

College #1:
In this lecture, you will explore with artist Florens Kool. How do painters draw inspiration from brick? You will look at several painted bricks in the exhibition. How is paint used to express a material like brick? What kind of masonry bonds are there and how do you actually paint all those bricks? After seeing the artworks and with tips from the artist, you will learn how to paint a convincing brick wall yourself. You'll learn how to make a tight grid so it looks like a brick wall and start using different tools to apply the paint so it really looks like brick! At the end of the class, you will go home with a homemade brick painting.

When: Sunday, September 25
Time: 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. 
Age: 8 - 12 years
Location: Kunsthal KAdE
Costs: 15,- (total for three lectures) 

The brick - According to the Dictionary, literally: a baked stone. Big, small, in lots of colors, found in your home, on the street, in squares. You probably know bricks mostly as a building material. But what else could you build with bricks? And why do artists find ordinary brick so interesting today? Kunsthal KAdE is creating an exhibition on brick this fall, featuring work by architects, artists and designers who are all inspired by brick in their own way. Join the lecture series and become a true brick connoisseur!

activities detail
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