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Closing KRIJT with artist Arno Kramer


Together with curator Judith van Meeuwen and participating artist Arno Kramer, the exhibition KRIJT will conclude in a special way.

Curator Judith van Meeuwen gives a brief introduction in which she talks about the making of of the exhibition KRIJT. Then Arno Kramer will give a lecture on his work in the gallery after which he will conclude the last day of the KRIJT exhibition in a special way. 

About Arno Kramer:
Visual artist Arno Kramer (b. 1945) is a great advocate of the art of drawing in the Netherlands. He has organized several exhibitions related to the art of drawing. At the exhibition KRIJT, he was involved as a consultant and made a huge chalk drawing in the main hall.

This event is free for visitors to Kunsthal KAdE. Registration is via: boekingen@kunsthalkade.nl

Apr. 2024
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