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Due to an internal renovation, KAdE will be closed until August 23. However, you can visit Hans Op de Beeck's new installation In De Elleboog at Langegracht 36. From August 24 the exhibition Sleep! will be on display at KAdE.

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Florens Kool workshop for adults


Learn the art of repainting bricks from Florens Kool, an artist who created hyper-realistic paintings for the exhibition BAKSTEEN | BRICK.

How do painters draw inspiration from brick? How is paint used to express a material like brick? What kinds of masonry dressings are there and how do you actually paint all those baked bricks?

Artist Florens Kool knows that like no other. His realistic work can be seen in the exhibition BAKSTEEN at Kunsthal KAdE. For this workshop, Florens Kool will first show his own work that is currently on display and take you through his creative process. During the workshop he will give you tips and tricks to learn how to paint a convincing brick wall yourself. So that at the end you will know how to paint a brick!

When: Saturday, November 5
Time: 2 p.m.-4 p.m. 
Location: Kunsthal KAdE
Costs: €8,-

activities triptych final

Now:The Silent Reflection

27.01.2024 - 28.07.2024

Come experiment and create in the KAdEStudio!


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