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activities 13 08 07 grand tour rome
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Lecture Janneke Budding


To accompany the exhibition MAESTRO VAN WITTEL, Janneke Budding, author of such works as The Grand Tour in the 18th Century; on a journey through France and Italy, will give a lecture on "The Grand Tour in Italy; artists and travelers.

'The Grand Tour in Italy; artists and travelers'

It is not only painters from the Low Countries like Caspar van Wittel who travel to Italy in the 18th century. All of Europe at that time saw Italy as the focal point of art and culture. In Rome, Florence and Venice, "the pearls of the Grand Tour," painters from various countries met the travelers, who gladly drew their purses to purchase art. Portraits, landscapes and cityscapes; souvenirs and at the same time status symbols. In her lecture, Janneke Budding pays attention not only to the motley collection of painters who worked in Italy, but also to their customers: the travelers on the Grand Tour.

Location: Kunsthal KAdE, Eemzaal
Participation in the lecture is free on presentation of a valid admission ticket to Kunsthal KAdE. 

Please sign up in advance by emailing: boekingen@kunsthalkade.nl

activities 13 08 07 grand tour rome

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