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activities ke nyakaho o gobotsa collage charcoal ink on canvas 201cm x 360cm 2017
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Lecture Rob Perree


Art historian and founder/editor-in-chief of the online magazine Africanah.org Rob Perree talks about South African art and how it differs from art from other African countries

People often talk about African art. But with 54 different countries with mutually different cultures and structures, one cannot speak of one African culture. Rob Perree, art historian and founder/editor-in-chief of the online journal Africanah.org, talks about what makes South African art distinctive. In his lecture, he discusses the difference between the South African art world and the art world of other African countries and what we see of this in the art itself.

As part of Tell Freedom, Kunsthal KAdE is organizing a series of lectures by specialists on South African art and exhibition-related topics. This lecture is the first in a series of four.

This lecture is free for visitors to Kunsthal KAdE. Pre-registration is appreciated. Send an email to boekingen@kunsthalkade.nl


Now:Africa Supernova

24.09.2023 - 07.01.2024
Dec. 2023
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