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Gerrit Berckheyde, The Golden Bend in the Herengracht in Amsterdam from the West, 1672, oil on panel, 40.5 × 63 cm, on loan from the),(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Purchased with support from the Ministry of CRM and the Rijksmuseum Foundation
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Lecture Series Hyperpolarity Day


The Free Academy dives into the 21st century with you on Fridays for the latest in art, from Feb. 1 to April 5.

Lecture Series Hyperpolarity Day
Art in the twenty-first century

By popular demand: a series that is more modern than the Colloquium Modern Art and goes much deeper than the earlier, short lecture series Hypercontemporary. In eight lectures and one excursion you will be taken through the landscape of the most current art from 2000 to the present. What movements and trends can already be discerned? Which names make the difference? And what is happening in the Netherlands? Can our art measure up to that of the rest of the world? The Free Academy dives into the 21st century with you for the latest developments.

8 lectures and 1 excursion | Incl. digital syllabus

Price: €247.00

Excl. weekly admission at college in a museum, discounted admission with Museum Card

Learn more or register: https://vrijeacademie.nl/4032/uitgebreid-zoeken/collegereeks-hyperhedendaags/

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Apr. 2024
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