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Lecture by author Erno Eskens


In this lecture, Erno Eskens, philosopher and author of the book "Beastly History of Philosophy," talks about how animals have been depicted throughout history and how this is related to changing thinking about (our own) physicality.

This lecture, "An Animal History of Philosophy," will discuss the rise of the public zoo as the successor to the menagerie. And the Jacobin revolutionaries who during the French Revolution not only demanded freedom for the oppressed but also stood up for the animals. Still a current demand. 

An evening organized by Library Eemland to tie in with the exhibition "Wonderful Creatures" at Kunsthal KAdE on the occasion of 75 years of Amersfoort Zoo.

About the book "A Beastly History of Philosophy
Using numerous paintings, sculptures, garden designs, historical photographs and manuscripts, this book tells how 26 centuries of philosophy have shaped our self-image. In particular, how do we view our bodies and our animality? The story begins with the prehistoric cult of the mother goddess and ends in our time.

With Plato's soul chariot we travel through the history of thought. Two horses - symbolizing our physical and social drives - propel us forward. The charioteer - our intellect - holds the reins firmly and sets a civilized course for life. But in Romanticism, the horses revolt and the charioteer must let go of the reins. Man refuses to restrain the drift life any longer. From then on, the animal in man is liberated, leading to the emancipation of the slave and woman. They were until then seen primarily as animal beings. In our time, the emancipation of the animal itself follows, while man himself also becomes further animalized.

What: Lecture by Erno EskensWhen: Wednesday, August 23Time: 19.30 – 21.00Age: adultsLocation: Eemland Library 
Costs: €5 (members), €7.50 (non-members)

About Erno Eskens
Erno Eskens is a (animal) philosopher, political scientist, author, publisher at Noordboek and president of The Spinoza House Association.

This activity is organized by Eemland Library in connection with the exhibition at Kunsthal KAdE, for more information visit this site. 

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Apr. 2024
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