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Artist's Workshop EarthKrism


Chalk cliffs, ruts and sprays! What is possible with chalk? Learn from artist Jitske Bakker.

Jitske Bakker is known for her fictional, hilly landscapes that she usually creates with charcoal. For the exhibition at Kunsthal KAdE, she worked with chalk and discovered the possibilities of the material. In this workshop, the artist maps out the resources. Using different chalk techniques, she will help you create a real chalk landscape. This may be fictional, but can also refer to an unforgettable place you saw this summer vacation. With rocks, ruts and sprays, you bring your own landscape to life with chalk. 

The workshop is free for visitors to Kunsthal KAdE and suitable for all ages. Register in advance for this unique artist workshop by emailing boekingen@kunsthalkade.nl. Full is full! 

Apr. 2024
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