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Information for teachers

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General information for your visit

Will you be visiting Kunsthal KAdE with your class this school year? On Mondays, the art hall is closed to the general public, but specially open for schools. On this day we can accommodate multiple groups. It is also possible to schedule your visit from Tuesday to Friday. Tours are scheduled in the morning or late afternoon and can be requested at least one week in advance.

In addition to the ways mentioned on this website, there are more possibilities for educational projects with Kunsthal KAdE. We would love to hear how the exhibition program of KAdE could fit in with the activities at your school. We would love to help you with this. For questions, suggestions and/or proposals, please send a message to Tess Bonouvrié at: educatie@kunsthalkade.nl or call 033 4225035.

Newsletter and teacher afternoons

With each new exhibit, we host a teachers' afternoon. Hear more about special offerings at the exhibition, join a flash tour and meet colleagues from other schools. Would you like to stay informed about Kunsthal KAdE's educational program and receive invitations to the teachers' afternoons (three times a year)?

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Quayside Shop

The KAdECafé is the place on Eemplein for a good cappuccino or cup of tea, with or without cake.