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Ode to Merina Beekman 'Dazzle the Evil Eye'

19.02.2011 - 08.05.2011

In 2009, the artist Merina Beekman passed away. The presentation "Dazzle The Evil Eye" paid tribute to her and her work by nineteen artists. A catalog was published to accompany the exhibition.

Steven Aalders
Carla Kranendonk
Johan Kuipers
Wolfgang Laib
Amandine Meunier
Michael Raedecker
Charlotte Schleiffert
Berend Strik
Elly Bow
Arno Kramer
Juul Kraijer
Erik Andriesse
Christiaan Bastiaanse
Merina Beekman
Simon Benson
Merijn Bolink
Marlene Dumas
Ellert Haitjema
Martina Klein
Henk Visch
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Artists: Steven Aalders, Erik Andriesse, Christiaan Bastiaanse, Simon Benson, Merijn Bolink, Marlene Dumas, Ellert Haitjema, Martina Klein, Arno Kramer, Carla Kranendonk, Juul Kraijer, Johan Kuipers, Wolfgang Laib, Amandine Meunier, Michael Raedecker, Charlotte Schleiffert, Berend Strik, Elly Strik, Henk Visch, Merina Beekman

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