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Due to an internal renovation, KAdE will be closed until August 23. However, you can visit Hans Op de Beeck's new installation In De Elleboog at Langegracht 36. From August 24 the exhibition Sleep! will be on display at KAdE.

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MOVE ON...! 100 years of animation art

31.01.2015 - 10.05.2015

With the exhibition 'Move on! 100 years of animation art' Kunsthal KAdE delves into the extraordinary world of animation technology. The worlds of 'classic' animation filmmakers and visual artists who use animation are generally separate, yet they influence each other directly or indirectly.

Katya Bonnenfant|he Old Boys' Club
Christine Rebet
Robin Rhode
Rupreto Ruperto
Tomas Schats
Bart Stolle
Quinten Swagerman
The One Minutes
Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven
Serge Onnen
Jacco Olivier
Tala Madani
Eelco Brand
Persijn Broersen
Martha Colburn
Robbie Cornelissen
Han Hoogerbrugge
Aimée de Jongh
Eelco Leckey
Margit Lukács
Sun Xun

Kunsthal KAdE brings both worlds together: there will be a historical overview of important animation films from the past 100 years and a selection of work by visual artists who use the visual medium 'animation' in a fundamental way. There will also be work by students and solo presentations by international animators in collaboration with the Holland Animation Film Festival. In the education cabinet, using sketches, storyboards and other production materials of the latest films developed or produced in part or in full at the Ateliers of the NIAf, the creative process from first idea to final result will be explained. 

The exhibition consists of several parts: 

Fifty film titles provide the framework for a focus on one hundred years of characters in animation. This selection is presented by Erik van Drunen and Mette Peters, former employees of the recently disbanded Netherlands Institute for Animation Film (NIAf) and both working as animation history teachers and guest curators. On the basis of historical, technological and artistic developments, very famous but also less well-known characters from the rich history of animation are (re)placed in the spotlight. In compiling this list, thematic and content aspects have been named to ensure diversity and also take into account geographical distribution, eras and the diverse and rapidly changing techniques and applications of the animation medium. Different characteristics, qualities and approaches to characters in animation are also covered. With distribution and breadth, we want to do justice to the medium without it becoming a straitjacket. Therefore not all techniques, decades and continents are equally discussed. There is, however, special attention for Dutch animation. The early character animation film Gertie by Winsor McCay 1914 still appears to be a source of inspiration for animators. But what exactly is character animation? When does a character come to life? Just by making it move? Or does more have to happen? Animation literally means "animating," or breathing life into things like lines, drawings and clay dolls. Character animation is about timing - it's about poses, expressions and body mechanics. It's about exaggerated moments. It is about conveying emotion in a completely constructed environment - without real pain, love, excitement, or any other truthful emotional input or output. It is acting.

A list of fifty film titles is by definition selective. It is a small number considering the rich, innovative and creative animation history of the past century. Such a selection is subject to discussion, dictated by the personal vision of the compilers, but also, of course, by the availability of film and visual material. The selection may provoke discussion among the visitor: we hope to compile personal lists, recognize old heroes, but also discover unknown animation characters. Dutch examples: Dutch examples: Philips Broadcast [George Pal], Pas a Deux [Gerrit van Dijk & M. Renault], Vader en Dochter [Michael Dudok de Wit], Chase [Adriaan Lokman]. International examples: Gertie The Dinosaur [Winsor McCay] , La Linea [Osvaldo Cavandoli], Three Little Pigs [Walt Disney], Yellow Submarine [George Dunning], Meat Love [Jan Svankmajer], Betty Boop [Fleischer Bros.], The Hand [Jiri Trnka], Oh Willy [Emma de Swaef & Marc James Roels]. 

A selection curated by Kunsthal KAdE of work by visual artists who work substantially with animation in their oeuvre or have made exceptional work with animation. The selection shows a mix from the great variety of possibilities of animation from painting, drawing, computer art, collaging. With, in addition, the conceptual approach: abstracting, quoting and critiquing.

Participating artists:
Eelco Brand (NL, 1969) | Robbie Cornelissen (NL, 1954) | Han Hoogerbrugge (NL, 1963) | Job Joris & Marieke (in situ) | Mark Leckey (UK, 1954) | Tala Madani (IR, 1981) | Jacco Olivier (NL, 1972) | Serge Onnen (NL, 1965) (in situ) | The Old Boys Club | The One Minutes * | Christine Rebet (FR, 1971) | Robin Rhode (ZA, 1976) | Miljohn Ruperto (PH, 1971); animation by Aimée de Jongh (NL, 1988) | Tomas Schats (NL, 1976) | Bart Stolle (BE, 1974) | Quinten Swagerman (NL, 1987) | Sun Xun (CH, 1980)

Presentations of recently graduated animators from various academies in the Netherlands. The selection is provided by visual artist and illustrator Tomas Schats and Kunsthal KAdE. 

In the film room next to the education cabinet, Gerben Schermer - artistic director of HAFF - will put together a presentation of international animators whose work explores the intersection between 'classic' animation and 'autonomous' visual art. During the period of the exhibition, the selected animators will alternately be given their own stage. A peripheral program will be organized around the screenings, with presentations, lectures and workshops by the animators. www.haff.nl 

In the education cabinet, sketches, storyboards and other production materials of the latest films developed or produced in part or in full at the Ateliers of the NIAf will provide insight into the making process from first idea to final result. Productions: 'Between Times' by Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata | 'Parade' by Digna van der Put | 'Coffee' by Sjaak Rood | 'The Family' by Frauke Striegnitz | 'Égo' by Leevi Lehtinen | 'Finity Calling' by Jasper Kuipers

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Aug. 2024
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