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Bekhbaatar Enkhtur, "Imagining for Real," 2023, exhibition view, Matèria, Roma. Courtesy: the artist and Matèria, Rome; Photo: Roberto Apa

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24.08.2024 - 05.01.2025

This fall, the exhibition Sleep! at Kunsthal KAdE.

"Did you sleep well?" is a question often asked of each other. A basic question in which the response of the interviewee immediately gives an insight into the alertness, mood and relatability of the person in question. Sleep, like food and drink, is a basic necessity of life. Magazines are filled weekly with tips & tricks for a good night's sleep: with the golden rule of rest, cleanliness and regularity recurring as the ideal form of sleep hygiene. Human beings spend a third part in sleep: a situation in which we have a lowering of consciousness that results in a lack of contact with the outside world. Our body and mind come to rest. We surrender to it, vulnerable and thrown back on ourselves.

Why we sleep is still an unsolved mystery. Cellular repair process, energy conservation, learning and recording of memories are three main pillars in current theories. The exhibition takes visitors on a small exploration into the vast domain of sleep through the eyes of artists and designers. Get away from the hectic. The step into art space becomes that of rest and surrender. A different time prevails; acclimatizing in the entrance is therefore necessary for a while.

In the exhibition, the visitor walks through the 4 stages of sleep through the dream to the main room where sleeping is the focus: from fairy-like to sometimes harrowing. There is also a room showing the horrors of the night, about being tired, insomnia, tranquilizers, sleepwalking and nightmares.

Sleep! can be seen at Kunsthal KAdE starting August 24.

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