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Due to an internal renovation, KAdE will be closed until August 23. However, you can visit Hans Op de Beeck's new installation In De Elleboog at Langegracht 36. From August 24 the exhibition Sleep! will be on display at KAdE.

Bekhbaatar Enkhtur, "Imagining for Real," 2023, exhibition view, Matèria, Roma. Courtesy: the artist and Matèria, Rome; Photo: Roberto Apa

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24.08.2024 - 05.01.2025

This fall, the exhibition Sleep! at Kunsthal KAdE.

Julika Rudelius
Ted Spagna
Tobias Schalken
Paul de Reus
Frans Xaver Messerschmidt
Tony Matelli
Alexandra Leykauf
Frank Koolen
Koen Ebeling King
Carla Kogelman
Mladen Stilinović
Gerard de Lairesse
Bernard Picart
Domenico Marchetti
Giovanni Battista Franco
Lothar Wolleh
Willem Weismann
Marcel van der Vlugt
Utsav Verma
Kaari Upson
Gavin Turk
Merel Karhof
Yasmijn Karhof
Carlijn Jacobs
Anas Albraehe
Martin Fenne
Bekhbaatar Enkhtur
Sophie Conroy
Stijn ter Braak
Harm van den Berg
Paul Bogaers
Hans van Bentem
Gilles Paté
Stéphane Argillet
Barbora Adamonytė-Keidūnė
Louis Fratino
Lenz Geerk
Aalt van de Glind
Leiko Ikemura
Daniel Godínez Nivón
Francisco José de Goya
Li Hui
Teun Hocks
Sarah May Herman
Carolien Arnold
Gabriel Lester
Andy Warhol
Mona Hatoum
Frank Halmans
Hinke Schreuders
Maurice van Tellingen

"Did you sleep well?" is a question often asked of each other. A basic question in which the response of the interviewee immediately gives an insight into the alertness, mood and relatability of the person in question. Sleep, like food and drink, is a basic necessity of life. Magazines are filled weekly with tips and tricks for a good night's sleep: with the golden rule of rest, cleanliness and regularity recurring as the ideal form of sleep hygiene. Human beings spend a third part in sleep: a situation in which we have a lowering of consciousness that results in a lack of contact with the outside world. Our body and mind come to rest. We surrender to it, vulnerable and thrown back on ourselves. Why we sleep is still an unsolved mystery. Cellular repair process, energy conservation, learning and recording of memories are three main pillars in current theories.

The family exhibition Sleep! takes you on a little exploration into the vast realm of sleep and dream, through the eyes of some fifty visual artists and designers. A different time reigns here for a while, so acclimating to the beginning is necessary then. You go through the four sleep stages from slumber to light sleep, continue to deep sleep and (sleep) walk through the dream to the main hall where the bed is central. Or you make the detour via Sleep/Wake because by no means everyone has an ideal sleep cycle. Stress and anxiety often lead to insomnia and sleep problems. If desired, make a second round trip to a second sleep cycle, just until you hopefully leave the exhibition completely refreshed!

On display is work by such artists as.
Anas Albraehe (SY) / Barbora Adamonytė-Keidūnė (LT) / Stéphane Argillet and Gilles Paté (FR) / Carolien Arnold (NL) / Hans van Bentem (NL) / Stijn Ter Braak (NL) / Paul Bogaers (NL) / Harm van den Berg (NL) / Sophie Conroy (UK) / Bekhbaatar Enkhtur (MN) / Martin Fenne (NL) / Giovanni Battista Franco (IT) / Louis Fratino (US) / Lenz Geerk (CH) / Aalt van de Glind (NL) / Daniel Godínez Nivón (MX) / Francisco José de Goya (ES) / Frank Halmans (NL) / Mona Hatoum (LB) / Sarah Mei Herman (NL) / Teun Hocks (NL) / Li Hui (CH) / Leiko Ikemura (JP) / Carlijn Jacobs (NL) / Yasmijn Karhof & Merel Karhof (NL) / Carla Kogelman (NL) / Koen Ebeling Koning (NL) / Frank Koolen (NL) / Gerard de Lairesse (BE) / Gabriel Lester (NL) Alexandra Leykauf (DE) / Domenico Marchetti (IT) / Tony Matelli (US) / Frans Xaver Messerschmidt (DE) / Philip Aguirre Y Otegui (BE) / Bernard Picart (FR) / Paul de Reus (NL) Julika Rudelius (DE) / Tobias Schalken (NL) / Hinke Schreuders (NL) / Sondi (CM | DE) / Ted Spagna (US) / Mladen Stilinović (SV) / Maurice van Tellingen (NL) / Troika (UK) / Gavin Turk (UK) / Kaari Upson (US) / Utsav Verma (IN) / Marcel van der Vlugt (NL) / Andy Warhol (US) / Willem Weismann (DE) / Lothar Wolleh (DE)

Additional location Men's Hall
The monumental Men's Hall of the St. Pieters en Bloklands Gasthuis built in 1531, still has 22 original bedsteads, giving visitors a unique insight into how the guests lived here. For one month, this men's room is an additional location to the exhibition Sleep! Artworks are on display and there is an extensive public program.

At various times, the performance Voulez-vous coucher - created especially for the exhibition - developed by theater producer Carolien Arnold and the MAAT Saxophone Quartet, commissioned by September Me and Kunsthal KAdE, will be performed.

The Men's Room can be found on Westsingel 47 in Amersfoort.

Sleep! is on view: Aug. 24 through Jan. 5 at Kunsthal KAdE Amersfoort

Now:The Silent Reflection

27.01.2024 - 28.07.2024

Come experiment and create in the KAdEStudio!


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