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19.01.2013 - 14.04.2013

Group exhibition featuring 10 installations by contemporary artists exploring drawing space.

Ronald de Ceuster
Karin van Dam
Thijs Ebbe Fokkens
Chiel Kuijl
Heidi Linck
Marisa Rappard
Aam Solleveld
Marije Vermeulen

Artists: Ronald de Ceuster, Karin van Dam, Thijs Ebbe Fokkens, Chiel Kuijl, Heidi Linck, Marisa Rappard, Aam Solleveld, Marije Vermeulen

Kunsthal KAdE will host the exhibition Space Drawings from January 19, 2013 through April 14, 2013. Space Drawings shows 10 spatial drawings made by 11 contemporary artists. These site-specific installations redefine and explore drawing and the act of drawing. No longer limited to the flat surface, these drawings enter the space and invite the viewer into the drawing. Traditional drawing materials such as pencil and paper, are supplemented with - or replaced by - materials such as rope, wood, wool and polyurethane foam.

The artists explore, in a visual game, the relationship to space. A terrain that can move, beyond the architecture of the exhibition space, between the mental and physical space of the human body to the immensity of time and universe. The exploration of these territories seems to be inseparable from the abandonment of the flat surface and also the relative safety associated with it. The artists' work deals with the physical experience and functionality of the immediate environment, addressing the sense of safety and security. It becomes clear that there is no fixed data, but that even the seemingly solid built environment has a life of its own.

Participating artists: Ronald de Ceuster | Karin van Dam | Thijs Ebbe Fokkens | Katharina Galland | Chiel Kuijl | Heidi Linck | Marisa Rappard | Aam Solleveld | Marije Vermeulen | Sui Jianguo & Liang Shuo

Exploring and probing the space
Space Drawings shows a wide variety of what a spatial drawing can be. Both emphatically line-like drawings are on display as well as work in which the drawing-like quality is more in the sketch-like working method that underlies it. In addition, many of the installations focus on the concept and perception of space. None of the installations was predetermined exactly how it would become: discovering and exploring the available space is an important part of the working process for the participating artists; the place forms the breeding ground for the final work. The almost nimble spirit of experimentation is palpable. In a visual game, the drawing-like work will enter into a dialogue with the spaces of KAdE.

Winner of the Space Drawings competition
For the tenth spot in the exhibition, a competition was held in August 2012 inviting artists to submit a concept proposal for Space Drawings. From 87 entries, artist Anne Wenzel, Diana Wind, director of Stedelijk Museum Schiedam and guest curator Jantine Kremer chose the proposal by Marije Vermeulen (Delft, 1976) to be executed. The jury is enthusiastic about the robust formal language of the proposal with five colored and tilted frames in the space: 'The play of frames creates new perspectives and possibilities with minimal means within the limited space. Vermeulen's contribution is an interesting, architectural complement to other works in the exhibition Space Drawings. With it, she brings to mind that the visual language of drawing since Sol LeWitt can be monumental and without visible personal handwriting. The clear proposal makes one curious about the actual realization.' 

Artist Talk Sui Jianguo
Saturday, Jan. 19, the well-known and globally respected Chinese artist Sui Jianguo will talk extensively about his work. Among other things, about FITUNFIT (2013, houseware, clothing, steel wire) in the exhibition i.c.w. visual artist Liang Shuo and about the monumental work of art he is realizing in the water of De Bron in Vathorst (Amersfoort) commissioned by Vario Mundo. For this large work, Sui Jianguo is blowing up one sandstone from De Bron three-dimensionally into "a Mountain of the Netherlands.

About guest curator Jantine Kremer
Jantine Kremer is an art historian, works as a writing art reviewer and has realized projects in the field of education and audience support for various cultural institutions, including Museum de Paviljoens in Almere, Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle, Museum Henriette Polak in Zutphen and kunsthal KAdE.

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