Henk Visch

Jan 28, 2012 to May 06, 2012

Kunsthal KAdE presents a major solo exhibition of work by artist Henk Visch. It is the first ever show in the Netherlands to feature a representative selection of sculptures from every period of Visch’s 35-year career.

MOVE ON...! 100 years animation art

Jan 31, 2015 to May 10, 2015

Exhibition about animation art, with an overview of 50 animation films from a 100 year history, 22 installations by visual artists, a screening of four international animators, 20 student films and ‘making of’-material of six animators. In cooperation with the Dutch Animation Film Insitute (NIAf) and the Holland Animation Film Festival.

The Dwelling Life of Man. Fotografie uit Margulies collectie

Sep 22, 2012 to Jan 06, 2013

Presentation of a selection of 160 photographic works from the extensive Martin Z. Margulies Collection in Miami. Guest curator is Frenchman Régis Durand, former Director of the Jeu de Paume and France’s Centre National de la Photographie, both in Paris.

'WINDOWS' by Marc Mulders

May 03, 2014 to Aug 31, 2014

Kunsthal KAdE has invited artist Marc Mulders (b. Tilburg, 1958) to curate its opening exhibition in Amersfoort’s new Eemhuis cultural centre. The painter will show his own recent work in dialogue with pieces by other artists.

Now Japan

Sep 21, 2013 to Feb 02, 2014

This group show of Japanese art today features 37 contemporary artists of Japanese origin.


Jan 19, 2013 to Apr 14, 2013

10 installations by contemporary artists whose drawings explore three-dimensional space

Who More Sci-Fi Than Us, contemporary art from the Caribbean

May 25, 2012 to Aug 26, 2012

‘Who More Sci-Fi Than Us’ features work by a selection of contemporary artists from all over the Caribbean, from south (Antilles and Surinam) to north (Cuba and Jamaica) and from west (Costa Rica and Panama) to east (Barbados and Martinique), and every island in between.


Sep 24, 2011 to Jan 08, 2012

Photographs, paintings, models and videos of urban and rural landscapes by forty international contemporary artists who all share a fascination with the world as a construct.

Meissen | SO - IL

May 28, 2011 to Aug 28, 2011

18th century porcelain in contemporary architecture.


Sep 12, 2009 to Nov 15, 2009

‘vanlieshoutvanlieshout’ featured the work of five artists that share the same surname, (Atelier van Lieshout, Erik van Lieshout, Dirk van Lieshout, Lotte van Lieshout and Lotje van Lieshout) but aren't artistically connected (and only two are family). Despite no working in a 'school', they share certain fascinations. A catalogue was published.

Tell Freedom. 15 South African artists

Jan 27, 2018 to May 06, 2018

The exhibition Tell Freedom comprises new and existing work by fifteen young artists from South Africa. In it, they reflect critically on the past, present and future of their country in a global context.


May 26, 2018 to Aug 19, 2018

The focus of this group exhibition is the drawing material CHALK. Artists have been asked to produce new work with blackboard chalk and there are (inter)national loans of Joseph Beuys, Rudolf Steiner, Juan Muñoz and Nemanja Nikolić.

A Balancing Act

Sep 15, 2018 to Jan 06, 2019

A Balancing Act will showcase the work of a number of Dutch and international artists who explore the quest for equilibrium in sculptures, installations, photographs, paintings, performances, drawings and video works.

MAESTRO VAN WITTEL - Dutch master of the Italian cityscape

Jan 26, 2019 to May 05, 2019

Caspar van Wittel (1653-1736) was born in Amersfoort, left around 1673 for Italy, earned a good reputation for himself there and never returned to the Netherlands. Today, the vast majority of his works are in collections in Italy, England and Spain. With the exhibition 'MAESTRO VAN WITTEL – Dutch master of the Italian cityscape', Museum Flehite and Kunsthal KAdE honour this master, who is virtually unknown in the Netherlands, with a major retrospective.