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Due to an internal renovation, KAdE will be closed until August 23. However, you can visit Hans Op de Beeck's new installation In De Elleboog at Langegracht 36. From August 24 the exhibition Sleep! will be on display at KAdE.

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10 years of Kunsthal KAdE

Kunsthal KAdE will celebrate its 10th anniversary on May 1. In 10 years, 40 presentations have been made, three a year since 2012. Some 350,000 visitors passed through the front door. About 400 national and international artists participated.

Kunsthal KAdE will celebrate its 10th anniversary on May 1. When it was founded in 2009, the ambition was expressed to create a place where "the world" passes by, where the unique visual qualities of contemporary art are fully expressed, where artists make solo presentations based on their specific artistic identity, where special connections are made within thematic group exhibitions.

This culminated in a program within which a number of "lines" developed: solo exhibitions (Henk Visch, Tom Claassen, Maria Roosen, Ryan McGinley, David Altmejd, Friedrich Kunath, Charlie Roberts, Francis Upritchard, Ansel Krut, Tilo Baumgärtel, Dubossarsky & Vinogradov, Henry Coombes, Frank Halmans, Marcel van Eeden), exhibitions around "phenomena" (shadow, cause & effect, animation, modeling, balance), country presentations (Caribbean, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, South Africa) and overviews of art historical movements (Land Art, De Stijl, Meissen porcelain, vedutism). 

In 10 years, 40 presentations were made, three a year since 2012. Some 350,000 visitors passed through the front door. About 400 national and international artists participated.

View here The video celebrating the 10th anniversary.

Kunsthal KAdE does not have a collection and is therefore not tied to one substantive, "agenda. This freedom has been used to show contemporary art in its full visual richness. Strongly visually oriented, but with a conceptual basis that - as for example in the country presentations - touches on the essence of a culture. Looking and "thinking" on the same page. With sometimes looking as the only guideline, where everything that is seen is 'true,' because seen that way by the viewer, regardless of the intentions of the creators.

The past year has been spent building the archive on the all-new website. Here you can see all the exhibits in their visual glory. Click here for the online archive.

Below by year is a small sample and anthology:

news 2009

Kunsthal KAdE opened its doors on May 1, 2009 with 'Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass' (1, 2, 3), an exhibition on (fairy-tale) imagination featuring 22 international artists including Patricia Piccinini, Jon Pylypchuk, Nathalie Djurberg, Henry Darger and Marcel Dzama. It then focused on five artists who share one last name: Joep, Erik, Dirk, Lotte and Lotje van Lieshout (4,5). In the halls above, Frank Halmans (6) and Henry Coombes (7) a solo presentation. In winter 2009, the first floor was decorated with a survey of 1,000 one-minute films 'The One Minutes' (8). On the middle floor an overview of the design office Studio Makkink & Bey - which also furnished the art hall on the Narrow Path (9) - and on the upper floor the project 'Sammlung Boryna' by Marcel van Eeden (10).

news 2010

The year started with the solo 'Balls to the Wall' of paintings, drawings and wooden sculptures by American artist Charlie Roberts (2). At the opening, he played with his band Krapp Kapp (3). In the summer, Kunsthal KAdE presented a retrospective of the Dutch sculptor Tom Claassen (4,5,6). One of the highlights was the rat "Brigid" made of latex rubber from the collection of the Kröller-Müller Museum. The exhibition was accompanied by an app that showed the sculptures then present in public spaces in the Netherlands. Kunsthal KAdE's first phenomena exhibition was shown in the fall. ShadowDance was a group exhibition featuring the work of more than thirty international visual artists who have a fascination with the effect of shadow (1,7,8,9,10). Features included: Christian Boltanski, David Claerbout, William Kentridge, Couzijn van Leeuwen, Gabriel Lester and Kara Walker. 

news 2011

Kunsthal KAdE began 2011 with a tribute to Merina Beekman (Dazzle The Evil Eye', 2) with, in addition, a solo of Tilo Baumgärtel (3) and a presentation around the story of 'Peeping Tom' and his forbidden look at Lady Godiva, curated by artist Keith Coventry (4). In the summer, KAdE presented Meissen porcelain in specially designed display cases by architects SO - IL, Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu (5,6). Above that, they shared Francis Upritchard and Ansel Krut the space for a double-solo (7). The fall was for an exhibition on "model building. In 'MärklinWorld' a train with a camera traveled through a miniature landscape of worlds created by artists. The upper floor featured photographers, object makers and filmmakers fascinated by the sense-making magic of the world at scale (1,8,9,10).

news 2012

In 2012, Kunsthal KAdE presented the first major museum solo presentation of Henk Visch in the Netherlands (1,2,3,4). For this, among other things, a large bronze leg was placed in front of the art hall and a huge bronze statue was hoisted to the second floor. This was followed in the summer by the first of a series of presentations on regional areas of the world. Guest curator Nancy Hoffmann showed work by artists from throughout the Caribbean, not often shown before. From north to south, east to west, across language regions: Who More Sci-Fi Than Us? (5,6,7,8). Many of the artists worked "in situ" at the art gallery. The year ended with a selection from the extensive photo collection of Martin Z. Margulies in Miami, on the theme of 'The Dwelling Life of Man' (9,10). Photography focused on the human condition, brought together by French curator Régis Durand.

news 2013

Drawing is normally done on paper, but can also be done in space, proved Jantine Kremer in her exhibition 'Space Drawings' in the spring (2,3). In the summer, Russian painters were Dubossarsky & Vinogradov central, with their ironic take on Soviet realism (4,5,6). The highlight was a series of 21 "full length" portraits of Russian war veterans at a May 1 celebration, shown as one long panoramic work on the middle floor. The year 2013 concluded with an insight into the then state of contemporary Japanese art with 'Now Japan' (1,7,8,9,10). In it, the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster inevitably played a role, but also centered on 'handcraft' and a contemporary interpretation of Zen aesthetics. Of the 38 artists, 10 came to the Netherlands specifically to create a work for the exhibition.

news 2014

The year 2014 marked the move from the building on Smallepad to the Eemhuis. The last exhibition in the old building was about 'blueprints' with which (famous) American artists showed their first important work (2) and the floors above with young Amersfoort artists with their most iconic work (3). It was to Marc Mulders to open the space in the Eemhuis with his friends and inspirations on May 1, 5 years after the launch of Kunsthal KAdE (5,6,7). In the café, assume vivid astro focus provided artwork on the walls (4). The fall was for Belgian art, selected by dEUS frontman Tom Barman. His 'Squarest Rectangle' gave a quirky insight into the mindset of a century of artists at our southern neighbors (1,8,9,10).

news 2015

The first full year at the Eemhuis began with an overview of animation art. In the main hall, the exhibition 'Move On' showed a selection of 50 films from 100 years of animated film (1,2,3,4). In the remaining spaces artists using animation as a visual medium including Han Hoogerbrugge, Job, Joris & Marieke, Jacco Olivier, Serge Onnen and Robbie Cornelissen. In the summer, a major survey by American photographer Ryan McGinley (5,6,7). With an understanding at the end of the year of the important current 'Land Art' based on a book by Sandra Smallenburg in which she reported on an expedition along iconic Land Art works in the western United States (8,9,10).

news 2016

Fischli & Weiss filmed their iconic film "Der Lauf Der Dingen" in 1987. It was the starting point for the exhibition 'The Course of Things' on the phenomenon of 'cause and effect' in spring 2016 (2,3,4). In the summer, the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro prompted a survey of 36 contemporary Brazilian artists to present their work under the heading 'Soft Power. Arte Brasil." to show the socioeconomic context in which the sporting event took place (1,5,6,7). The year ended with a "double-solo" of David Altmejd and Friedrich Kunath (8,9,10). 

news 2017

How is art made? Where does inspiration come from? In 'Well Made', in collaboration with the journal Kunstschrift, provided insight into the magical process of making visual art (2,3). 2017 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of the De Stijl movement. Kunsthal KAdE joined the national event with a focus on use of color within De Stijl with the "founding fathers" and imitators in the 1960s and 1970s and today (1,4,5,6,7). For the last exhibition, the floor was for Maria Roosen (8,9,10).

news 2018

Some twenty-five years after the formal abolition of apartheid in South Africa, a generation of artists is emerging who did not actively experience the regime. Spurred by guest curators Manon Braat and Nkule Mabaso, 15 artists showed their vision of the country now in 'Tell Freedom' (2,3,4). In the summer, 25 artists set to work with the material 'chalk'. Especially for the exhibition, they created a chalk work in studio or directly in the room. Including: Arno Kramer, Marc Nagtzaam, Bart Lodewijks and Nemanja Nikolić (1,5,6,7). Finally, at the end of 2018, a presentation on balance - 'A Balancing Act' - including Daniel Firman, Alexander Calder, Auke de Vries, Job Koelewijn and Folkert de Jong, HeyHeyDeHaas, Vanessa Jane Phaff and Henk Stallinga (8,9,10).   

news 2019

2019 began for Kunsthal KAdE with the highly acclaimed overview 'Maestro Van Wittel' (still through May 5) about the 17th/18th-century artist Caspar van Wittel, who went to Rome at a young age and breathed life into the 'vedute' genre there. Following in Caspar van Wittel's footsteps, Rotterdam photographer Hans Wilschut was asked to photograph some of the places in Rome, Naples, Venice and Amersfoort that Van Wittel frequently captured. Kunsthal KAdE's 10th anniversary will be celebrated in the summer with 'Videoland' (May 25-Sept. 1), an exhibition of 11 monumental video works that capture "eternity" in the moment. After the summer, the art gallery goes to Mars. in 'One Way Ticket To Mars' (Sept. 21 - Jan. 12) is about the fascination with conquering space, the challenges of flying to the red planet and establishing a community there and what it might feel like to be there.

Kunsthal KAdE: from Smallepad to Eemhuis
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Kunsthal KAdE moved to the Eemhuis on Eemplein in April 2014. A major change from its housing on Smallepad was the creation of a self-contained retail space and the opening of a larger café. The Brazilian/French duo assume vivid astro focus was asked to develop artwork for the walls and ceiling. A third important addition compared to the old building was the establishment of a permanent education cabinet: the KAdEStudio. With each exhibition, a special program is developed for this, in which doing, thinking and experiencing are central. For young and old. 

The program of Kunsthal KAdE could never have been realized without the fantastic team of Kunsthal KAdE, the colleagues of Amersfoort in C and the tireless efforts of a passionate group of volunteers. In addition, Kunsthal KAdE could rely on the trust and input of hundreds of artists, funds, donors and sponsors, lenders, guest curators and all gallery owners, critics and museum curators who assisted the Kunsthal in word and deed. Thanks also to our photographers, Mike Bink, Peter Cox, Ep de Ruiter and Cees Wouda, who captured the full scope of all the exhibitions. As a result, the visual power of the presentations is permanently visible.


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