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New work Henk Stallinga

Henk Stallinga has created a brand new work especially for the exhibition A Balancing Act. It temporarily replaces the light installation 'Lumens' currently on display in the exhibition at Kunsthal KAdE.

The new work is entitled Hope (in English 'Heap of Faith') and consists of two wheelbarrows inextricably connected by a heap of earth. Moving the wheelbarrows would result in a total collapse of "the heap" and thus the work itself. The wheelbarrows together preserve the balance.
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Henk Stallinga, Lumens, 2016, courtesy the artist. Photo: Mike Bink
'Lumens' to Awakenings
Reason for the temporary change is that the work 'Lumens' is on loan. 'Lumens' is a light installation. The thin, curved light tubes create a diversity of line drawings in the sky. Incorporating the entire daylight spectrum, these light tubes reveal the daily and seasonal changes of daylight. In the industrial Gashouder in Amsterdam, on Awakenings during Amsterdam Dance Event (Oct. 17 - 21) the light installation will be on display. A unique location for a work of art, but not inappropriate for a work by Stallinga. Light, sound and movement are recurring elements in his work. Starting Oct. 23, "Lumens," a favorite among many visitors, can be seen again in Kunsthal KAdE in the exhibition A Balancing Act.

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