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The Great KAdE Pavement Cricket Day

Kunsthal KAdE is organizing ''The Great KAdE Sidewalk Chalk Day'' on June 21, inviting everyone to come chalk on Eemplein. There will also be children's flash tours, a walk-in workshop and participants can have their picture taken in a chalk decor.

As part of the exhibition CRY the team at Kunsthal KAdE has created this special sidewalk chalk afternoon. Sidewalk chalk is plentiful - as many as 1,000 crayons - and free for all participants to use. During the walk-in workshop, participants will learn to make their own chalk with plaster, just as participating artist Lenneke van der Goot did for her work in the exhibition. There are also children's flash tours at three different times in which a selection of works from the exhibition are CRY are discussed. The day symbolizes the high do-it-yourself content of the exhibition, making a visit in general especially suitable for families with children. 

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24.09.2023 - 07.01.2024
Dec. 2023
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