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Come experiment and create in the KAdEStudio!

The KAdEStudio is a regular feature of Kunsthal KAdE's exhibitions, providing a space for visitors of all ages to reflect, share and create in response to the exhibition. 

The KAdEStudio is divided into two spaces this time. Id. is an important theme that recurs a lot in the works in the Africa Supernova exhibition. How can you represent your own identity and connect it to that of others? In the KAdEStudio, we ask visitors the question: what makes you the person you are today? By using colored threads to connect words with which you can identify yourself, visitors collectively build a network that keeps growing. 

Using extensions, wool, thread and her own hair, artist and activist Laetitia Ky creates sculptures that shine a light on social justice. In doing so, she opens up conversations and discussions about these issues. She uses her own hair to depict issues and breaking taboos. We ask visitors which taboo or topic they would like to discuss. With thread and wool, you can make your own sculpture, place it among the other taboos in the studio and be part of the conversation. 

Will we see you in the KAdEStudio soon?

Now:Africa Supernova

24.09.2023 - 07.01.2024
Dec. 2023
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Come experiment and create in the KAdEStudio!


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