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Due to an internal renovation, KAdE will be closed until August 23. However, you can visit Hans Op de Beeck's new installation In De Elleboog at Langegracht 36. From August 24 the exhibition Sleep! will be on display at KAdE.

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Visiting with children

Families and children are welcome at Kunsthal KAdE!

Thank you for coming to visit Kunsthal KAdE! Children under 18 have free admission to the art hall. We have an extensive offer for children, whether you visit the exhibition with your parents or our tour guides!


With each exhibition, young and old alike can visit the KAdEStudio to work on the theme of the exhibition themselves. Experience what it's like to think, experiment and make as an artist! See below what there is to do in the KAdEStudio during this exhibition.

visit with children wharf studio

Children's and family tours

At each exhibition, children ages 6 to 10 can participate in the children's "forbidden for parents" tour or join the family tour with their families.
Each exhibition will have a different tour based on the theme, so keep an eye on our activities.

Children's party

Are you approaching your birthday? Come celebrate your children's party at Kunsthal KAdE. Just like our exhibitions, our children's parties are different every time. Based on your wishes and our capabilities, we will create a customized children's party. A maximum of 10 children can accompany one museum docent. The children's party takes about an hour and a half and usually consists of a guided tour, workshop and doing fun assignments in the room. It is possible to also have something to drink and eat in the KAdECafé. Children's parties at Kunsthal KAdE are suitable for children ages 6-10.

For more information and to book a children's party, please email: boekingen@kunsthalkade.nl.

Now:The Silent Reflection

27.01.2024 - 28.07.2024

Come experiment and create in the KAdEStudio!


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