Children under 18 have free access to KAdE. During each exhibition, families and children can come to the education cabinet during opening hours, where you can experiment yourself with elements of the exhibition. In addition, Kunsthal KAdE organises special workshops and children’s tours for families and children. You can also have your birthday party at the Kunsthal.


With each exhibition young and old can visit the KAdEStudio to make yourself and try. Experience what it is to think like an artist, experimenting and creating!

Museum Dice Game

The Museum Dice Game is designed for all families from 2 to 8 people between 4 and 99 years. You can play it in any art museum. You can pick up the the Museum Dice Game at the reception during your visit and its for sale at the KAdEShop for € 3,-.

Children’s tour ‘No parents allowed’

With each exhibition children aged 6-10 years can participate in the children’s tour ‘No parents allowed’. The content of the children’s tour changes according to the theme of the exhibition. See the agenda for dates.

Workshops for children

Workshops are developed for children aged 6-12 years with each exhibition at KAdE. The workshops are open to the general public but also for out-of-school care. See the agenda for dates.

Children’s party

Is it almost your birthday? Come to Kunsthal KAdE to celebrate your children’s party. Just like our exhibitions, our children’s parties are different each time. According to your wishes and our possibilities we make a customised children’s party (for children aged 6 to 12 years). For more information you can contact