Kunsthal KAdE has an extensive educational programme for groups and out-of-school care. A visit to Kunsthal KAdE is possible under the supervision of one of our experienced tour guides. They will gladly take you on a tour of the exhibition. You can participate in an introductory tour or apply for a group tour.

Introductory tours

With each exhibition we organise ‘introductory tours’. These tours are accessible to a wide audience. The story behind the exhibition is explained, its theme and the participating artists. The tour starts at 1 P.M. and lasts until 2 P.M. The introductory tours are free on presentation of a valid KAdE entry ticket. Reservation isn’t necessary, but check in at the desk in time because the maximum number of participants in a tour is 15 people.

Group tours

We give tours on request in English. A tour can be applied for two weeks in advance at the latest. The cost of a tour is €70,- per group of 20 people maximum. This is exclusive of the ticket price per person of the Kunsthal. For applications and further information, please contact boekingen@kunsthalkade.nl.

With an application, please inform us of:
- Group size,
- Date and time of the desired tour, and
- A brief description of the composition of the group.

Do you have any specific wishes or questions concerning the tour? Please inform us of this, so we can give you a customised tour.

Out-of-school care

Outside school hours children can come to KAdE for a tour or workshop. We offer special children’s tours and workshops that can be fitted to any age. The programme is different for each exhibition. Children have free access to KAdE. Supervision by a KAdE teacher costs € 35 per hour for 10 children maximum. In total, 20 children at a time can visit KAdE for a children’s tour.

You can also visit the exhibitions autonomously with a group of children. It is important, though, that for a maximum of 15 children a minimum of 2 adults are present. We appreciate it if we are informed of your visit in advance.

For more information, please contact boekingen@kunsthalkade.nl.