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Caspar van Wittel, The Darsena Naples, c. 1700-1718, oil on canvas, 74 x 171.8 cm, © Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection on loan at the Museo),(Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid
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Lecture Diana Kostman


From Volksuniversiteit Amersfoort, Diana Kostman will take you through Van Wittel's life and will discuss the role of the Dutch Golden Age in relation to Van Wittel's work.


Gaspare Vanvitelli was a famous artist in Italy but was born Caspar van Wittel in Amersfoort in 1653. After leaving for Italy, however, he never returned to the Netherlands. Art historian Diana Kostman will take you through the life of this rather unknown master in the Netherlands and will discuss the role of the Dutch Golden Age in relation to Van Wittel's work. Following the lecture you can visit the exhibition.

The lecture lasts 1.5 hours and the lecturer will be present at the exhibition afterwards. In addition to the cost of the lecture, admission to Kunsthal KAdE: rate €12.50- p.p. in addition to that for this exhibition is a surcharge of €3.50. With the Museumkaart admission is €3,50.
Learn more or purchase tickets for the lecture: https://www.vuamersfoort.nl/kunst-cultuur-geschiedenis-en-actualiteit/een-hollandse-maestro-itali%C3%AB 

Start time 14:00
Price: €17.50
Ms. D.P.T. Kostman
Location: Kunsthal KAdE

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