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Caspar Van Wittel, Naples, Riviera di Chiaia, 1710-20, oil on canvas, 75.7 x 174.8 cm, Courtesy Lampronti Gallery
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Philosophizing for children


What all do you see in Caspar van Wittel's paintings and what does that say about the times you live in? Come philosophize in KAdE with philosopher Esther Didden!

Philosopher Esther Didden takes children to look very carefully at some of Van Wittel's paintings. What do the paintings teach us about the reality of the time? Van Wittel's paintings sit between reality (what really happens in the world) and books. They are pictures of a past reality, so to speak. We see places with striking and recognizable buildings, we see human activity. 

Participation in philosophizing with children is free and suitable for children ages 6 to 10. Please register in advance via: boekingen@kunsthalkade.nl

activities chiaia 1710 20 oil on canvas 75 7 x 174 8 cm courtesy lampronti gallery

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24.09.2023 - 07.01.2024
Dec. 2023
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