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Hans Op de Beeck, Night Time (still) 6, Animated Film, Black-and-White, Sound, Full HD Video, 19 minutes 20 seconds, 2015.
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Workshop on stop-motion children (8+)


Visit the Videoland exhibition with a workshop instructor and then make your own stop-motion movie: a real "video(land)" work of art!

Videoland Stop-motion workshop (8+)

Make a fat stop-motion movie now: your own "videoland" work of art! You can create time acceleration and deceleration in a video by applying stop-motion to images. With a teacher, you visit the exhibition and pick out from magazines the best images for your movie you will animate them through the image. What do you make go slow and what do you make go fast? There is room for 12 kids so sign up soon.

Organized in cooperation with The Eemland Library's Media Lab.

Location: Imperial Library.
Book through: boekingen@kunsthalkade.nl

activities ted film black and white sound full hd video 19 minutes 20 seconds 2015
Apr. 2024
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