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World Jazz Festival: Artvark


Amersfoort World Jazz Festival and Kunsthal KAdE have a unique production again this year. In which saxophone quartet Artvark musically brings the exhibition ''Miraculous Beings'' to life.

Artvark plays during the Amersfoort World Jazz Festival in the main hall of Kunsthal KAdE at the exhibition Wonderbaarlijke Wezens. Rolf Delfos (alto saxophone), Bart Wirtz (alto saxophone), Mete Erker (tenor saxophone) and Peter Broekhuizen (baritone saxophone) blend their different backgrounds into a creative and unique sound: the sound of Artvark! A wild combination of hard sax tones interspersed with rousing rhythms. Combine that with the surroundings of Sofia Crespo's work at Kunsthal KAdE and you have a fantastic evening ahead of you! 
What: Amersfoort World Jazz Festival

When: Saturday, August 19Time: 17.00 – 18.00Location: Kunsthal KAdE
Costs: 7,50 

More info on Amersfoort World Jazz Festival? Check out their site.

activities artvark 3
Apr. 2024
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