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Due to an internal renovation, KAdE will be closed until August 23. However, you can visit Hans Op de Beeck's new installation In De Elleboog at Langegracht 36. From August 24 the exhibition Sleep! will be on display at KAdE.

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Dance film in 'Mirror Mirror'

Kunsthal KAdE is open again! 'Mirror Mirror' is finally on display, but even while we were closed something special took place. The dancers of the Amersfoort-based organization New Choreographic Design recorded a unique dance film among the artworks.

Being open to all plays a central role at New Choreographic Design. The two dance teachers, choreographers and dancers Christoph Eberl and Nelse van Heurck have joined forces to make art accessible to all unique individuals. With a group of dancers, they have included performances in our exhibition Mirror Mirror

Premiere Friday, June 11, 7 p.m.

The "Mirror Mirror" exhibition at Kunsthal KAdE and the New Choreographic Design's performance G(R)ONE ZONE were not visible to the public due to corona. During closing time, a unique collaboration took place. Different artworks and spaces were illuminated by the dancers from diverse backgrounds, socially, mentally and physically, in a beautiful, hushed way. It resulted in an immersive and compelling dance performance right through the mirrored works of exceptional artists in "Mirror Mirror.

Want to watch the special film of the performance and be taken through the exhibition "Mirror Mirror" by the dancers of the NCD? You can do so through the following link: https://youtu.be/6Qmjnq1vnEg

New Choreographic Design at Kunsthal KAdE. Photo: Henry Krul
New Choreographic Design at Kunsthal KAdE. Photo: Henry Krul

About New Choreographic Design

New Choreographic Design is a universal arts and culture company which consists of two dance companies "Junioren company" (8-18 years old) and "Universele company" (8-99 years old). The company has been situated in Amersfoort for over 3 years and makes productions for and by people as dancers with different backgrounds. They work and create together from the philosophy of "being open to everyone" in which other perspectives, possibilities and abilities are seen as unique and add value to the whole.

This summer, New Choreographic Design can be seen (live!) with performances at more venues in Amersfoort. For more information and tickets, go to:  www.corazonexpress.nl and www.newchoreographicdesign.com/ticket 

New Choreographic Design at work by Suzan Drummen at Kunsthal KAdE. Photo: Henry Krul
New Choreographic Design at the work of Suzan Drummen at Kunsthal KAdE. Photo: Henry Krul

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