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Due to an internal renovation, KAdE will be closed through Aug. 23. Starting August 24, the exhibition Sleep! will be on display at KAdE.

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Artist Lecture


In the thoughts and working method of artist Renie Spoelstra, balance plays an essential role!

In this lecture, artist Renie Spoelstra talks about how balance plays a role in her life and working methods. She usually makes large charcoal and chalk drawings on paper. She is concerned with the mental effect of the drawing. When you look at the work longer, you are "sucked" into the work. Charcoal is the material she prefers to work with: "That gives me focus and less choice stress than when you work with color. That may seem limited, but there is an awful lot to explore within that". 

Especially for this exhibition, Renie Spoelstra has created a work based on impressions during her trip to the volcanic black beaches of Iceland. She will also elaborate on the creation of this work in the lecture. At the end there will be an opportunity to ask questions. 

Participation in the lecture is free for visitors to Kunsthal KAdE, upon presentation of a valid admission ticket. The lecture will take place in the Eemzaal. You can register via: boekingen@kunsthalkade.nl


24.08.2024 - 05.01.2025
Aug. 2024
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