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Children's Lectures


In the upcoming lecture series organized by Kunsthal KAdE, Museum Flehite and the Mondrian House, the question is: How do I become famous like ... Johan van Oldenbarnevelt?

The Museum Youth University organizes children's lectures with more than 50 museums in the Netherlands. Scientists, researchers and experts answer exciting questions about the museum collection. 

Famous like ... Johan van Oldenbarnevelt?
Johan van Oldenbarnevelt was an important statesman in the early 17th century. At 17, he left the city of Amersfoort where he grew up to study abroad. What was it like at that time? At the height of his career, he and Prince Maurice formed a dream team: together they ruled the Republic. Yet things went wrong between the two men. What happened and how did the Amersfoort native Johan van Oldenbarnevelt meet his end? Is that why he became so famous and well-known? Historian Bart Wiekart can tell you all about it.

Location: Museum Flehite
Expert: Bart Wiekart

Register now for the lecture series via: https://museumjeugduniversiteit.nl/collegereeksen/hoe-word-ik-beroemd-zoals/

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Apr. 2024
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