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The Window Bank by Lenneke van der Goot

Until September 30, the work ''Object Space'' by Lenneke van der Goot is on display at DE VENSTERBANK in Amersfoort. This work counts as the sister of her work in the exhibition KRIJT in Kunsthal KAdE: ''Object Field''.

At Kunsthal KAdE in Amersfoort, Lenneke van der Goot has built her own universe on a large surface of paving stones, within the exhibition KRIJT. This work bears the name Object Field and is still on display at the Art Hall through August 19, 2018. In THE VENSTERBANK you will see its little sister, Object Space baptized. In this installation, she chalks and stacks further, using the homemade chunks of chalk, board paint, tape, tracing the meandering lines. Lines on the windows, transverse lines on paper, horizontal and vertical. 

DE VENSTERBANK is located at Bergstraat 32 in Amersfoort. Right on the sidewalk with two windows and two window sills. Every four months an artist shows his/her work in the two window sills of 160 x 100 x 22 cm. 'Slow Art' on the sidewalk in passing: looking, discovering and peeking uninhibited.

Learn more: thewindowbank.com 

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