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Due to an internal renovation, KAdE will be closed until August 23. However, you can visit Hans Op de Beeck's new installation In De Elleboog at Langegracht 36. From August 24 the exhibition Sleep! will be on display at KAdE.

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'Mirror | Mirror' extended through Aug. 29

The exhibition Mirror | Mirror. Reflect Yourself! has been extended through Aug. 29. Courtesy of the artists and lenders, the exhibition - not yet open due to coronagraphs - will be on view all summer long. As soon as it can, Kunsthal KAdE opens and visitors can marvel at the versatility of the phenomenon of mirroring. With the extension of Mirror | Mirror, this year's planned solo exhibition by John Körmeling shifts to next summer.

At Mirror | Mirror shows work by some thirty artists and designers from home and abroad who relate to the phenomenon of mirrors in different ways. We are confronted with the mirror every day. On social media we constantly mirror our identity. The present time demands (self)reflection more than ever. Using art-historical, narrative and scientific perspectives, visitors are invited to explore this reflection.

The main hall is decorated with installations by Danish artist Jeppe Hein (b. 1974). His life-size work "Mobile Mobile" is on display for the first time in a museum setting. His mobile of mirrors is set in motion by an exercise bike, constantly changing the experience of the space.

Mirror | Mirror is curated by curator Judith van Meeuwen and fits into the lineup of exhibitions around "phenomena" at Kunsthal KAdE (shadow, cause & effect, animation, modeling, balance).

Read more about Mirror | Mirror. Reflect Yourself!

John Körmeling, HI HA, 1992, Van Abbemuseum Collection, Eindhoven
John Körmeling, HI HA, 1992, Van Abbemuseum Collection, Eindhoven

John Körmeling and the Beating Calendar

The oeuvre of John Körmeling (1951) is rich, broad and layered and now spans more than forty years. The last time a broad survey of his work was on display in the Netherlands was in 1994 at the Centraal Museum. Time for a new survey at Kunsthal KAdE in Amersfoort from May 28 to August 28 in 2022. Körmeling was trained as an architect and profiles himself within the field of contemporary art. His work cannot be summarized unequivocally. It is conceptual and expressively "down-to-earth. Everything revolves around a basic idea that is designed and executed as clearly as possible, without embellishment or excess.

The exhibition at Kunsthal KAdE gives full space to the diversity and stratification of John Körmeling's oeuvre. There will be a wide selection of autonomous sculptures (including neon works) and the art hall will display sketches and models of the works in the outdoor space. There will also be a section with works by sources of inspiration such as Yakov Chernikov (on loan from London and Cologne), Theo van Doesburg and Gerrit Rietveld, as well as works by friends such as Henk Visch and Ruud de Roode. A cabinet will be devoted to the work "Happy Street" (2010) - the Dutch entry for the Shanghai World Expo. Körmeling is creating a new installation especially for the main hall. The exhibition's namesake is the object "the beating calendar," an "endless," cyclical calendar that Körmeling conceived on paper and will build in 3D. The exhibition will be accompanied by the third edition of the oeuvre book 'A Good Book'. The last edition was from 2002. Design Neon text John Körmeling
Design drawing neon text John Körmeling

Artwork Eemplein

John Körmeling is experienced in creating works of art in public spaces. John Körmeling's survey is reason to fulfill a wish for an object on the square in front of the entrance to Kunsthal KAdE. The design is there: a 'lamppost' with an oval neon box on top with the words 'original' and 'copy'. Two LED screens are attached to the lamppost, which can serve as much for announcements of the art hall as for autonomous video works. The words "original" and "copy" are both a lighthearted and philosophical reflection on the nature of an exhibition venue. Issues of authenticity are always part of artistic discourse. This applies to actual objects as well as ideas.

The artwork on the Eemplein is made possible thanks to the Municipality of Amersfoort and will be placed around John Körmeling's exhibition at Kunsthal KAdE. 

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