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Due to an internal renovation, KAdE will be closed until August 23. However, you can visit Hans Op de Beeck's new installation In De Elleboog at Langegracht 36. From August 24 the exhibition Sleep! will be on display at KAdE.

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Six folly rises for BAKSTEEN | BRICK

Scattered throughout the city of Amersfoort are six new brick folly's

Especially for the exhibition BRICK | BRICK Kunsthal KAdE asked seven makers to come up with a folly made of brick. Six folly's can now be admired scattered throughout the city of Amersfoort. This is the first time Kunsthal KAdE is showing an exhibition in three locations: at Kunsthal KAdE, the Elleboogkerk and scattered throughout the city.

The folly's are part of a special route along special bricks in Amersfoort. The booklet with the brick tour is available in the KAdEShop. The tour was developed in cooperation with architecture center FAsadE and the Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed.

ATMosphere, Fa-brick, 2022. Photo: Mike BinkATMosphere, Fa-brick, 2022. Photo: Mike Bink


ATMosphere artists Marisja Smit, Thijs Trompert and Antal Bos are using part of the replicated old city wall near the Zocherplantsoen as the basis for their folly. "By building layer by layer and interacting with each other, we create an organic structure, similar to how textiles are woven. Fa-brick. This highlights the many possibilities that brick holds. Clunky and rough on the one hand, refined and open on the other', according to ATMosphere. The folly is a cylindrical shape with a diameter of nearly five meters. The opening on the city side makes the folly accessible to the public. Fa-brick was made possible in part by the Municipality of Amersfoort, Rodruza (bricks), Schipper Bosch and VANLAGEN Metselwerken.

news baukje trenning Baukje Trenning, Among equals - Circles of brick, 2022. Photo: Mike Bink

Baukje Trenning

Designer Baukje Trenning built a folly for the New Town. This folly consists of a round brick bench and a cylindrical play object. That object is based on the construction principle of old-fashioned factory chimneys. From the brick bench, you look out on the brick chimneys of the old Soap Factory and the old Prodent Factory: two of the few industrial chimneys that still exist. Trenning uses craftsmanship to create a contemporary meeting place, honoring craftsmanship. Trenning's folly is made with bricks from Wienerberger.

André Pielage, Heemtuin, 2022
André Pielage, Heemtuin, 2022. Photo: Mike Bink

André Pielage

'For me, brick symbolizes human disturbance and destruction of nature. It is therefore very contradictory that I have now made my sign of resistance out of bricks' (André Pielage).

When artist André Pielage was asked to create a new work for the exhibition BAKSTEEN, he came up with the very idea of using brick to build eight mowing obstacles. They stand on a lawn near Kunsthal KAdE. The piece of grass enclosed by the bricks is no longer accessible by the mowers of the parks department. In this way, the grass and the herbs growing in between will still have a chance to bloom. A symbolic beginning of more biodiversity in the city. André Pielage's work with Wienerberger stone was made by Van Lagen in Terschuur. Thanks to Preco for making the concrete bases.

Floris Alkemade

We must find a way in a world struggling with climate change and declining biodiversity. The labyrinth of brick that Floris Alkemade (architect and former Chief Government Architect) had built is a reference to the mythical labyrinth of antiquity. This labyrinth is about a desire for heroism and our imagination as a driving force rather than the contemporary labyrinth as used by the IKEA where our driving force is primarily desire. 'Every era builds its own labyrinths and every labyrinth reflects its own era,' Alkemade said. His folly is built with bricks from Vandersanden.

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Jan Poolen, Roofscape, 2022 

Jan Poolen

The folly Roofscape stands on the grounds of the former monastery Onze Lieve Vrouwe ter Eem in Amersfoort. The 1932 convent, a National Monument, is dominated by brick and high roofs. The folly by Jan Poolen (architect and owner of ZEEP Architects and Urban designers) engages with these hoods. The patterns and relationships of brick on the wooden frame are determined by the construction team. This produces surprising images. Roofscape is a welcome meeting place of the area with the monastery nearby. Rob Albers, Jan Poolen and his team worked with bricks from Strating.

news olivier goethals
Olivier Goethals, Maçon Mêtis, 2022

Olivier Goethals

Maçon Mêtis, "the shrewd builder," is a reflection by artist and architect Olivier Goethals on the history of the urban restoration of the old city of Amersfoort. The choice for the location of his folly fell on the rampart behind the Kamp. A reconstruction of a piece of a second city wall has stood here since 1978. Goethals designed three facades of stone strips topped with coats of arms. The ultimate signifier of a historically familiar and safe place. This gives the existing Amersfoort folly a new layer. Marjan and Johan Van Lagen built Olivier Goethals' folly with Vandersanden stone strips in Terschuur.

Office Winhov designed a folly that will not be implemented. The model of the folly is part of the presentation in the Elbow Church.

More new works for BAKSTEEN | BRICK

More artists are creating new work for the exhibition. Lisa Couwenbergh and Florens Kool showcase the beauty of brick in their paintings and mural of the material. Koen Mulder has created his sculpture titled What do you want, Brick? completed with Drystack (circular building) and bricks from GDS Ceramics. Bart Lunenburg explored the relationship of brick to the technique of weaving during his residency at Buitenplaats Doornburgh. The monumental structure London and also the work Paris by Per Kirkeby have been redone in the main hall of Kunsthal KAdE with bricks by Vandersanden.

Students from MBO Amersfoort and Bouwmensen did masonry work on a piece of work during Open Monument Days on September 9 and 10. This piece of work features parts of the monumental facades of Amersfoort. Thanks to Sander van Ruler and Guido Kap (students) and Eric Okhuijsen (teacher) and Martin Cramer (Bouwmensen). Thanks to Wienerberger for providing the Terca moulded bricks (waal format).

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